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Auto Injury and Whiplash Treatment in Phoenix, AZ 

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Cars accidents can cause numerous injuries, both seen and unseen. Though the visible scrapes, cuts, and bruises will heal rather quickly, it’s the unseen injuries that can linger the longest, causing problems for months or even years following the accident. Getting the appropriate injury treatment will help prevent this issue and get you on the quick road to recovery. At Auto Injury Treatment Centers, we can provide you with the chiropractic care you need to heal from your injuries. Our qualified team offers multiple auto injury and whiplash treatment options in Phoenix, AZ, and throughout Arizona. Please reach out to us today for additional information and set up a visit at one of our many locations listed on this page. 

We Provide Range of Treatments

When you’re in a car accident, you can suffer many different types of injuries, all of which can cause discomfort, pain, and potentially lasting health effects. That’s why it’s important to seek attention from a team of specialists with specific experience in auto accident injuries as soon as you develop symptoms. At Auto Injury Treatment Centers, we have a qualified staff of chiropractors to ensure your injuries are addressed and that you can begin to heal and regain mobility over time. We can provide chiropractic treatment for the following: 

Back injuries 

Joint injuries 

Neck pain 

Whiplash symptoms 

We Put Our Patients First

At Auto Injury Treatment Centers, we put our patients first, going above and beyond to ensure they get the care they need. We have a network of 45 convenient locations and a qualified team of chiropractors and other medical staff to address your injuries and help you recover. Our team provides exceptional auto, work, and whiplash injury treatment following accidents. We strive to make things simple and easy for our patients and have no health insurance requirements. Please reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. 

Locations Serving Arizona

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44th street & Thomas Rd (85018)
24th Street and Camelback 85018


19th Avenue Union Hills (85027)
27th Avenue & Carefree Highway (85085)
27th Avenue & Glendale (85051)
35th Avenue & Northern (85051)
51st avenue & Indian School (85031)


34th Street and Baseline Road 85042


32nd Street & Shea Boulevard (85028)
16th Street & Bell Road (85022)
Greenway & Tatum Blvd (85032)


51st Avenue & Thunderbird Rd. (85306)
59th Avenue & Bell Rd (85308)
57th Avenue & Bell Rd (85308)
59th Avenue (85301)


99th Ave. & Beardsley (85382)
Beardsley & 83rd Avenue (85382)


Broadway Road (between Hardy & Priest) (85282)
Rural Road (between Broadway & Southern) (85282)
Rural Road & Guadalupe Road (85283)
McClintock and Broadway (85282)


Mesa Dr. & Main St. (85210)
Power Rd. North of Southern (85206)
Brown & Power Road
Broadway Road and Stapley (85204)


Alma School & Germann (85284)
Alma School & Warner Road (85224)


Scottsdale Road & Oak (85257)
Shea & Hayden (85258)
Thunderbird & Scottsdale rd. (85260)
Bell Road & Thomson Peak (85260)


Litchfield & Bell Road (85374)


Val Vista & Ray Road (85296)
Val Vista & Frye Road (85295)


Indian School & El Mirage (85392)


Coming Soon


Idaho & Apache Trail (85120)


Grant & Craycroft (85712)

Find Help Today

With more than 40 locations across the state of Arizona, Auto Injury Treatment Centers is ready to take care of your medical needs. We know how important it is to receive effective and affordable chiropractic care, which is why we never charge our patients any expenses out-of-pocket! Our chiropractic care providers are focused on treating auto accident and workplace injury victims only. When you schedule an appointment at one of our locations, you can trust that our chiropractors will take care of your pain. Our goal is to help you eliminate or reduce any pain you may be experiencing after your accident. We can provide you with a comprehensive chiropractic exam, working hard to find the right solutions for your suffering.

We will help you find the most convenient location for chiropractic treatment and care. To find a location near you, please contact our primary Phoenix office today at 602-253-8888.

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