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Testimonials for Phoenix Chiropractic Care

I suffered with brief periods of middle back pain for 4 years and relied upon Tylenol to stop the pain. Then last spring started experiencing periods of lower back pain. About 6 weeks ago, the lower back pain became so severe that I was having trouble walking upstairs and completing daily activities. That is when I started Chiropractic care to correct the problem instead of masking the pain with Tylenol.

I experience noticeable relief from the pain starting with the first visit and adjustment. Within 4 weeks my back had improved. After 2 weeks, I was no longer experiencing back pain and my back felt so much stronger. I now have been completely free of back pain for three weeks and look forward to continue therapy to strengthen my back so I can continue to be pain-free for life.

I suffered from pain for one week when my sister advised me to go to the chiropractor. My family doctor gave me some pain medicine and set me up for an MRI. The pain was so bad I could BARELY walk. I went to the chiropractor and felt better for my FIRST visit.

I still have a little pain in my leg but nothing like when I first started. I canceled my MRI appointment. I got the results a lot faster than I expected. My family doctor didn’t help me at all. I feel I have received excellent care.

I was in a motor vehicle collision 30 years ago when I was 18 years of age. 40 stitches in the head, a hospital stay, some drugs, and continuous neck pain afterward I was asked to come to a Chiropractic College to see if Chiropractic might help. Well, it did and now I get to help others relieve themselves of their ongoing discomforts thru Chiropractic Health Care and education on how to continue their health.

No more soreness on the bottom of my feet- this had been severe. I can touch my toes, move my neck far around as I think a human neck can go, and my pelvis seems to be involved in walking- it used to seem frozen in place. I haven’t taken a sleeping pill or a Valium in three weeks. I did go through a wee or so of feeling icky (headaches…) when I first began, but that was small potatoes compared to the results so far….

Today I received an adjustment that released something in my shoulders and I don’t recall ever feeling such ease and sense of relaxation. I’m sure there must be some memory, ahh, what an opportunity to explore… I believe it is a good one.

Breakthroughs like this are worth the days of confusion and frustration that for me accompany change from the inside out.

This treatment process is affecting change In my life physically, emotionally and psychologically.

After five chiropractic visits, I am able to move my neck and spine in ways I didn’t realize. I had felt the tension in my neck and spine for a long time but had become accustomed to it as “normal.” I now feel as though a huge knot has been untied and my body wants to stretch and breathe as never before. I look forward, enthusiastically, to a vitality I haven’t had in years.

I began my treatment a year ago… I chose Chiropractic for two reasons. First, I have had a series of unsatisfactory experiences seeking conventional medical treatment. Second, several days prior to my accident a friend described his own experiences with Chiropractic and his testimonial was so glowing it stuck in my mind.

My right hip has been sore and painful enough to make driving a car longer than one hour an ordeal. This symptom, which had no cause that I can explain, has disappeared. Three weeks ago I drove five hours to Massachusetts with no discomfort.

I still have a chronic stiff neck on my left side which has been a recurring painful problem since I can remember. However, since starting treatment this problem recurs less often and with less severity. Often when discomfort begins I am able to move my own bone structure using stretching exercises learned under Chiropractic and stop the pain.

My personal medical doctor could offer only x-ray, pain killers, arthritis medication or surgery; all of which seem very unhealthy and too expensive.

On top of being able to sit at my desk and work for two hours with no back or hand discomfort; I am sleeping through the night consistently for the first time in years; I have ended my addiction to caffeine ; I have not had an alcoholic drink since January 1, 1998; I can garden, work on my house or walk in the woods for hours.

In my estimation, all insured people would be better served and much money saved if every person were required to be examined by a Chiropractor before being allowed to seek treatment from a medical doctor.

In early December of 2000, I had low back spasms and excruciating pain. It would take me 45 minutes to walk inch by inch to the bathroom for Tylenol.

Then on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2001, about 6 weeks later, after chiropractic sessions, I hiked through deep snow down a very steep unplowed road to the Lake – and up again! A strenuous walk for anyone even in the summertime. Not one twinge of pain anywhere for me!!

On sidewalks, I almost glide physically and float spiritually.

My right shoulder had bothered me for three years and now, I have been free of shoulder pain since my 4th visit. I am so excited about this healing! I find this place is a refuge… it’s peaceful and loving and you feel it when you step in the door. I am excited about the changes that are happening.

I felt rather cynical at first. I hurt as I lay on the table and wondered, “How can this possibly help?” As the days passed, the pain lessened and I felt a slow release of fear. All my pain was from fear and I was shedding it. Now, when the tension starts to creep in (my shoulder). I’m willing to release it.

I am a non-smoker now and the support from chiropractic has helped tremendously. Thanks!

Over the months, I’ve noticed a number of changes. The first was that I was able to breathe more deeply and slowly. Persistent insomnia was alleviated, and I became more flexible and better able to relax. Perhaps, the most astonishing thing was the way I was able to handle one of the most stressful periods of my life, a four-month period marked by overwork, financial difficulty, and the deaths of loved ones.

This weekend, following a particularly dramatic adjustment I drove seven hours down to D.C. and back. Predictably, there was sharp lower back pain at the end of the drive. But instead of persisting, it went away the next day — after falling into an old pattern, my spine was able to correct itself. Pretty exciting after all these years of pain….

I have noticed incredible changes in my body, mind, and spirit since starting Chiropractic in September 1994. I have noticed that I feel incredibly free of stress and tension which allows me to be more spontaneous, loving and compassionate in all I do. My body is fluid and flexible. I have not needed any prescription anti-inflammatory or sinus pills and have thrown out the bottles.

In fact, I take and an infrequent over the counter pain pill. This was an astounding discovery for me. I’ve noticed that I flow with life rather than the past peaks and valleys. I feel ten years younger and understand the signals from all of me (body and spirit). It’s easier to watch life unfold and enjoy it all. My spine is straighter and more flexible.

I recovered from a “neck sprain”, which was the result of a serious accident in an incredibly short period of time, requiring few to no drugs.

I am 60 years old. I have been taking arthritis medication since I was 25 years old. When I came to my chiropractor, in the middle of January 2000, I was hardly able to walk. I had arthritis in my right knee and a bone spur on the inside of my left heel. Seven months prior, I had been seeing a foot doctor. He gave me a cortisone injection for the pain. The next day, I went to my arthritis doctor. He gave me a sugar test and it was over 500 resulting in no more cortisone injections for the pain. This was last December (1999). Also, 5 years ago my left knee was replaced. When they did the replacement of my knee, they straightened the leg out which made that leg about a ½ inch longer than my right. This caused me to walk with a limp, which made my hips hurt.

So, in January, I decided to try chiropractic. I came in 5 days a week for the first 5 months. I cannot believe the difference. I now take no medicine at all. He got my right leg as straight as my left. No Surgery! No Limp! Now I go see my chiropractor once a week. I have no more pain. For the 1st time in the last 10 years, I feel great. I have gone shopping for my 7 kids, their spouses, and my 20 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. I can do my own housework, shop and decorate the Christmas tree. I now work 6 days a week, 8-hours a day and cook for the Life Squad 5 nights a month. I just feel good. I am now able to attend festivals and fairs and do things I have been missing out on. I owe all my thanks to my chiropractor and the wonderful staff.

Since beginning adjustments some interesting observations are:

My “high stress” job is getting much easier to deal with because my body is realizing how to handle high-pressure situations.
I enjoy waking up each day!
The deep-seated pains in many areas are disappearing!
My physical and mental awareness has been re-kindled, and are going up at light speed. Wow!
Life one again…is good!

The reason I began Chiropractic was that my back was painful. Interestingly, now I realize that my back was a very small issue. I have experienced amazing changes. Pain has helped me learn much more about myself. This approach is such a gift!

My blood pressure is now lower than it was 15 years ago (especially amazing since I’ve had high blood pressure for the last 5 years). I also feel like my body is longer. My spine is changing dramatically. Thank you

After my 1st visit, I realized I have been experiencing chronic pain day and night between my left clavicle and spine. Prior to my visit, I thought it wasn’t “as bad” but once I was totally free of pain the contrast was significant.

Only four times has this pain returned, lasting 1-2 hours when particularly stressed, working hard or overly fatigued, and I can now “work through” the pain to ease it’s subsiding.

Prior to my 1st visit, I slept with a variety of pillow in various positions to ease my comfort. Since the first night of slowly removing pillows one by one by morning. I slept normally with one pillow and this continues-it’s wonderful.

After 1 1/2-2 year of getting up every night every 1-2 hours to urinate, most rights I now get up only once. One night I slept 5 1/2 hours straight. Another was 7 1/2 hours!

I began care here because I had injured my back during our recent move to a different house. While I had read a little about the concept of “Chiropractic”, I really was only interested in having my back pain relieved, preferably in as few visits as possible. The pain lingered on through the first month, and I begin to feel very frustrated.

Early in my second month of care, (I think it was about my 14th visit) the walls came tumbling down, to my great surprise. Breathing seemed to take over my body, and I soon found myself sobbing uncontrollably, although I wasn’t aware of any sad thoughts. Despite my embarrassment, I felt so wonderful when it was over… so unburdened. In the weeks since that time, many changes have begun to take place, both physical and mental.

I was shocked when I realized I no longer wanted to start the day with a good cup of coffee. Nor do heavy foods appeal to me now, or rich desserts. I have experienced short bursts of hysterical laughter several times (although I can’t figure out what’s so funny). I feel light and open and joyful. My energy level is sooo much better! I can feel movement in my hip area: walking feels different. And pack pain? Well, that’s history. I feel sort of like the tin man after Dorothy used the oil can. I am learning to listen to what the “inner me” knows is best for me.

I am very grateful for the wonderful on-going care at Ithaca Network Chiropractic. My husband and two of our children will be starting with Pierre this week.

For many years I suffered from pain in my neck and shoulders. Everything I did I would be in pain. Since I have been coming here, many doors of more life and joy are coming into my world. I feel so much better–my attitude is definitely better because the pain is less. There are not enough words to express my thanks and gratitude for the healing hands of my chiropractor.

After three weeks of seeing my chiropractor, I have felt a tremendous improvement. My mind and body together, feel healthier than they have in a long while. Last night after my adjustment, I experienced a free flow of energy. It was as if the blockage between my mind and body vanished. I felt sensations in my head that were comforting and reassuring. When I laid down to sleep, I dreamed that I was being lifted out of some kind of depth of discomfort. I am excited for the next few weeks to come…

I had the good fortune of being referred to Chiropractic by my friend in October. I had experienced up to that point chronic pain in my left arm and was under a tremendous amount of stress.

After being under chiropractic the pain is gone, and even though there’s still a lot for me to be stressed about, my body is experiencing improved breathing, musculature movement and a renewed zest for life. Negative habits are being slowly abated, and I can glimpse real hope for the future.

My only regret is that I didn’t listen to my friend sooner and experience the miracle of Chiropractic ages ago.

While under care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and ability to function and perform. Work doesn’t stress me out much now and I laugh again with ease. I am much more peaceful overall. I find myself automatically stopping to stretch and relax my neck and shoulder at different points throughout the day.

In addition, the urge to smoke has decreased after only 7 visits. I have gone from 1 & 1/2 packs a day to 3/4 pack a day.

My name is Jennifer. I am a real person, not being paid to bear witness. My life has changed so much since I’ve been working with my chiropractor. It took a while to start but when that door opened, it was like Technicolor coming into me.

I started walking differently, straighter, more relaxed. When stress would come up I would find myself breathing it all okay. I could literally feel great bolts of energy streaming up my spine out into my body. I feel so much love in me now- but the major change is that it flows through me. It doesn’t get stuck and fizzle out. I am so much less afraid of facing life, of truly being alive. Answers come more easily.

When trauma occurs, I can’t hold back- the pain comes bursting out through tears, sobs- but then it's gone and I’m clear and am better able to deal with my situation. Then there will be times when I’m really stuck on a problem. Really unsure of myself. Next thing I know I’ll be on the floor doing yoga postures and -pop- a shift will occur and I’ll be able to move into the flow once again. I realize more and more that life is all the practice of the action of living- just to keep going. This really only touches the surface of the work still occurring in me. The rest is more difficult to communicate through words.

So a big hug to you and keep breathing!

Kaitlin is amazing! (age 4) From the time she was six months old, she has spent every other month on some sort of medication or inhaler. She has been coming to see her chiropractor for about a month and a half. In that time she has had no medication of any kind and has been healthier than ever!

Yesterday I asked her if she feels any different since she’s been seeing the chiropractor. She said, “Yes, my bones crack a lot and it feels so good!” A while later she didn’t know I was watching her but I saw her move and adjust her own back and she let out a huge sigh of relief. Later that same night she burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t know, she just wanted to cry. I held her and told her to cry all she wanted. I knew she was having a wonderful release. I have had some of those myself!

This month (September) marks two years since I have been involved with chiropractic care. I truly believe that I would be in a wheelchair and on all sorts of medication if I had not had a friend recommend me to my chiropractor. I am an LPN and knew what was happening to me; but, my “health plan” would not even let me go for an evaluation! I am 58 years old not currently on any medications, and rarely have to take any. I no longer have sinus infections, need sprays for my allergies, etc.

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